5th Workshop of the Italian Astrobiology Society

Life in a Cosmic Context

Opening Session

Julian Chela-Flores ( pdf )
Brief summary of the Trieste Conferences on astrobiology events previous to the IAS workshop

Oral Contributions (speakers in alphabetic order)

Mario Accolla ( Abstract - Slides )
Photochemistry on the International Space Station:
A study of the effects of the solar electromagnetic radiation on organic refractory samples

Nadia Balucani ( Abstract - Slides )
Gas-phase formation routes of simple prebiotic molecules in the interstellar medium

Daniela Billi ( Abstract - Slides )
Desert cyanobacteria under space and Martian conditions:
Insight into the limit of life as we know it

Alessandro Bressan ( Abstract - Slides )
Cosmic Factories of Metals and Dust

Franco Cataldo ( Abstract - Slides )
From Elemental Carbon to the Formation and Radiation Stability of Chiral Molecules

Barbara Cavalazzi ( Abstract )
Sulphur springs, sulfates and iron oxides of the Dallol (Danakil Depression, Ethiopia):
A spectacular Mars terrestrial analog

Cecilia Ceccarelli ( Abstract )
The cosmic heritage: message from isotopes

Julian Chela-Flores ( Abstract - Slides )
Beyond JUICE: Searching for habitability of ocean moons and dwarf planets

Claudio Codella ( Abstract - Slides )
Pristine protostellar jet-disk systems: from darkness to the cradle of life

Fabiana Da Pieve ( Abstract - Slides )
Circular dichroism on condensed amino acids and precursors:
results from Time Dependent Density Functional Theory

Ernesto Di Mauro ( Abstract - Slides )
The route from formamide to RNA and metabolism. Part II

Luca Dore ( Abstract - Slides )
Laboratory Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy
of Organic Molecule of Astrophysical Importance

Michael Dubina ( Abstract - Slides )
K+ vs. Na+ Driving Force of Prebiotic Peptide Emergence

Manuela Facchin ( Abstract )
Life in hydrocarbons: typical micelles from reverse amphiphiles in hexane

Stefano Falcinelli ( Abstract - Slides )
Dication formation and escape probability of ions from planetary atmospheres

Steno Ferluga ( Abstract - Slides )
Probabilities of Earth-like evolution by easy and hard steps

Teresa Fornaro ( Abstract - Slides )
Nucleic Acid Components adsorbed on mineral surfaces:
A test bed for searching for life on Mars

Giuseppe Galletta ( Abstract - Slides )
Exoplanets atmospheres in a test tube

Nicoletta La Rocca ( Abstract - Slides )
Microorganisms suitable for studying biomarkers within the atmosphere in a test tube project

Antonio Lazcano ( Abstract - Slides )
Mind the gap: from the primitive soup to the root of universal phylogenetic trees

Claudio Maccone ( Abstract - Slides )
Molecular Clock and Evo-SETI Theory of Evolution

Rocco Mancinelli ( Abstract - Slides )
Life beyond the planet of origin and implications for the search for life on Mars

Mauro Mandrioli ( Abstract - Slides )
From modern symbioses ... to the origin of the eukaryotic cell

Assimo Maris ( Abstract )
Microwave spectroscopy characterization of small organic rings

Edoardo Milotti ( Abstract - Slides )
Synthetic Life in Extreme Conditions

Marco Moracci ( Abstract - Slides )
Metagenomics of hydrothermal fumaroles to study the evolution of early life at high temperatures

Giuseppe Murante ( Abstract - Slides )
Mapping the Galactic Habitable Zone

Isabella Pagano ( Abstract )
CHEOPS and PLATO as part of the ESA roadmap to detect and characterize extrasolar planets

Fabio Pichierri ( Abstract - Slides )
Metal-Formamide Complexes and their Role in Prebiotic Chemical Catalysis

Sandra Pizzarello ( Abstract )
The cosmic trail of reduced Nitrogen towards Earth

Linda Podio ( Abstract - Slides )
The chemistry of protoplanetary disks: searching for the building blocks of life

Cristina Puzzarini ( Abstract - Slides )
Quantum Chemistry Meets Spectroscopy for Astrochemistry:
Increasing Complexity toward Prebiotic Molecules

Victor Rivilla ( Abstract - Slides )
Understanding the formation of astrobiological molecules in star-forming regions

Marzio Rosi ( Abstract - Slides )
A theoretical study of formation routes and dimerization of methanimine:
implications for the aerosols presence in the upper atmosphere of Titan

Raffaele Saladino ( Abstract - Slides )
The route from formamide to RNA and metabolism. Part I

Michael Simakov ( Abstract - Slides )
The chemical evolution in open space: An experimental approach

Eugenio Simoncini ( Abstract - Slides )
The effect of life on Earth's atmosphere: a disequilibrium analysis during history

Alessandro Sozzetti ( Abstract - Slides )
Exoplanets: Ushering in the Era of Comparative Planetology

Emanuele Spitoni ( Abstract - Slides )
The Galactic habitable zone with detailed chemical evolution models

Stefano Stranges ( Abstract )
Synchrotron radiation enantioselective ARPES studies of intrinsic properties of chiral free molecules

Marco Tazzari ( Abstract )
Constraining the dust grain size distribution in protoplanetary disks with ALMA and JVLA observations

Leonardo Testi ( Abstract - Slides )
Protoplanetary disks and the dawn of planets

Fanny Vazart ( Abstract )
Cyanomethanimine isomers in cold interstellar clouds:
insights from electronic structure and kinetic calculations

Serena Viti ( Abstract - Slides )
Complex Organic Molecules in star forming regions

Giovanni Vladilo ( Abstract - Slides )
Exoclimates and planetary habitability

Marco Vukich ( Abstract - Slides )
Experiment Units to investigate biological systems for Space Life Sciences

Tavola Rotonda sull'insegnamento dell'astrobiologia

Daniela Billi ( Slides )
Rassegna dei corsi di astrobiologia attivi nelle università italiane