SISSA Astrophysics

PhD Courses 2020-2021



Giovanni Vladilo (INAF-OATs)


Lecture 1:   Introduction

Lecture 2:   Physical properties and chemical ingredients of life

Lecture 3:   Water and carbon in terrestrial life

Lecture 4:   Metabolic and genetic macromolecules

Lecture 5:   Life in a cosmic context

Lecture 6:   Extremophiles: physico-chemical limits of life

Lecture 7:   Habitability

Lecture 8:   Planetary climates and habitable zones

Lecture 9:   Prebiotic chemistry

Lecture 10:   From molecular replicators to protocells

Lecture 11:   The terrestrial context for the origin of life

Lecture 12:   Life evolution

Lecture 13:   Astrobiology in the Inner Solar System

Lecture 14:   Astrobiology in the Outer Solar System

Lecture 15:   Exoplanets: detection and characterization

Lecture 16:   Exoplanets: habitability and biosignatures