New Kappa Rosseland coefficients

9 feb 2012 : A few kapp*.ros were recomputed from ODFs recomputed with a new 
             release made by Bob Kurucz of the H2O line list taken from Partridge 
             and Schwenke.It is available at:
             Recomputation of k_ross for other metallicities is work in progress.

To interpolate Rosseland opacities for metallicity use kaprossinterp.for and

The interpolation formula for x0< x_int < x1  is:

f(x_int)=[(x1-x_int)/(x1-x0)]f(x0)+ [(x_int-x0)/(x1-x0)]f(x1)
f(x_int)=          w1        f(x0)+           w2        f(x1)

w1 and w2 are input data for kapp15.ros
kapp10.ros RECOMPUTED feb 2016
kapp05.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2012
kapp04.ros RECOMPUTED Aug. 2015
kapp03.ros RECOMPUTED March 2016
kapp02.ros RECOMPUTED Jun 2012
kapp00.ros RECOMPUTED feb 2012
kapm01.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2014
kapm02.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2014
kapm03.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2014
kapm04.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2014
kapm05.ros RECOMPUTED march 2012
kapm05a.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm10.ros RECOMPUTED march 2012
kapm15.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2012
kapm15a.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm20.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2012
kapm20a.ros RECOMPUTED nov 2014
kapm25.ros RECOMPUTED apr 2012
kapm25a.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm30.ros RECOMPUTED march 2015
kapm30a.ros RECOMPUTED march 2015
kapm35.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm35a.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm40.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm40a.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm45a.ros RECOMPUTED july 2015
kapm50.ros COMPUTED oct 2015
kapm55a.ros RECOMPUTED July 2015
kapm60.ros COMPUTED oct 2015
kapm70.ros COMPUTED oct 2015
kapm80.ros COMPUTED oct 2015
kapm90.ros COMPUTED oct 2015