Grids of color indices from ATLAS9 model atmospheres published on CD-ROM in IAU Symp. No 210 , Modelling of stellar atmospheres, poster A20 
Source codes for colors
UBV UBV in the Johnson system--Paper: Castelli, 1999, A&A 346, 564 VRI-Cousins VRI in the Cousins system; they are the COUBES colors of the Kurucz website RIJKL RIJKL in the Johnson system (passbands from Johnson, ApJ 141,923) uvby uvby in the Stromgren system (the index 0 means reduction to 0 airmasses from 1 and 2 airmasses) Hbeta Hbeta index--Paper: Castelli&Kurucz,2006, A&A 454, 333 uvbybeta uvby and Hbeta on the same file (for a0 and r* see Moon & Dworetsky, 1985, MNRAS 217,305) uvbyca uvby (normalized on Vega) and hk normalized on HD 83373 assuming Teff=10550 K, logg=4.0, [M/H]=0.0, vturb=2.0 km/s VBLUW VBLUW in the Walraven system UBVRIJHKL BCP colors--Paper: Bessell, Castelli & Plez, 1998, A&A 333, 231 ACS/WFC ACS/WFC colors--Paper: Bedin et al.,2005, MNRAS 357, 1083 SLOAN transmission curves from HST/WFPC2: F122m, F130lp, F160bw, F165lp, F170w, F185w, F218w, F255w, F300w, F336w, F380W, F439w, F450w, F555w, F606w, F622w, F675w, F702w, F791w, F814W, F850lp transmission curves from