PostDoctoral Position in Galaxy Formation and Evolution at the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste (INAF - OATs)

INAF-Trieste Astronomical Observatory (INAF-OATs) invites applications for a post-doctoral research position in the field of galaxy formation and evolution. The research project focuses on the development of the GAlaxy Evolution and Assembly (GAEA) hierarchical model of galaxy formation, with emphasis on a self-consistent implementation of dust formation and evolution and exploitation of the updated model to interpret data from the last generation of instruments. The project involves international collaborators based at other research institutes, and funding for extended visits will be available.

Additional information and inquiries about the scientific project can be addressed to Gabriella De Lucia (

A link to the announcement and to the application form, as well as detailed instructions on the application procedure, can be found here. (search for the project: "The critical role of DUST in the cosmic barYon cycle (DUSTY)", with ID 222/2022)

The deadline for application is December 30th, 2022.

The appointment is for two years, with a possible extension depending on funding availability and performance. The appointment can start as early as June 1st 2023, but the exact initial date is negotiable. The annual gross salary will be 28,000 EUR (income tax does not apply to this type of contract), that is more than adequate for local costs of living. Travel funds will be available.

The area of Trieste offers a rich scientific environment which includes the University of Trieste and Udine, SISSA, INFN, ICTP, and IFPU. It also offers good computer facilities and access to supercomputer resources.

INAF-OATs is an Affirmative Action Institution. Women, Minorities, and Disabled Persons are encouraged to apply.