Astrobiology and Habitability


Planetary Habitability

Topics: Development of Energy Balance Models (EBM) of planetary climate for studies of planetary habitability. Surface temperature and fractional planetary habitability. Applications to extrasolar planets of terrestrial type. Early conditions of the Earth at the epoch of the origin of life.

Participants: G. Vladilo, L. Silva, G. Murante (INAF-OATs, Trieste)
Collaborators: A. Provenzale (IGG-CNR, Pisa), P. M. Schulte (Univ. British Columbia, Canada)

"From climate models to planetary habitability: temperature constraints for complex life"
Silva et al. 2016, Int. J. Astrobiology, in press  ( arXiv:1604.08864)

"Modeling the surface temperature of Earth-like planets"
Vladilo et al. 2015, ApJ, 804, 50  ( arXiv:1504.07474)

"The habitable zone of Earth-like planets with different levels of atmospheric pressure"
Vladilo et al. 2013, ApJ, 767, 65  ( arXiv:1302.4566)

Presentation at the General Assembly of European Geosciences Union, Vienna, April 2012
Master Degree thesis by Gaia Ferri (March 2012)

Galactic Habitability

Topics: Effects of metallicity and star formation rate on the spatial and temporal habitability of the Milky Way. Generation of maps of Galactic habitability by means of N-body simulations of a Milky-Way type galaxy.

Participants: G. Murante, L. Silva, G. Vladilo (INAF-OATs)

Contribution presented at the XV International Conference on the Origin of Life, Florence, August 2008

Other Projects

Dynamical Stability of Planetary Systems

Topics: Episodes of instability in the early Solar System and origin of the "Late Heavy Bombardment". Meteoritic collision rate on the Earth during the epoch of the origin of life.

Participants: M. Maris, G. Vladilo (INAF-OATs)

Master Degree thesis by Andi Mikosch Cuka (March 2012)

Interstellar and cometary prebiotic material

Topics: Abundance of interstellar organic material at different stages of Galactic chemical evolution. Physical and chemical properties of comets. Delivery of prebiotic material on terrestrial planets.

Participants: M. Fulle, G. Vladilo (INAF-OATs)

Contribution presented at "Origins 2011 - ISSOL & IAU Meeting", Montpellier, July 2011